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Commercial from 2014 for SIS Bank during Sochi Olympics

People call me Nerdy Nate – I love technology.  I am passionate about it because it has improved my life and I see the benefits of it for others.  Some need help understanding it before they can really use it.  That is where I come in.  I love to take the time to educate and empower others to use technology to it fullest.  Whether is be helping them setup a blog or website, to installing a high quality Wifi system in the house with no dead spots.

For businesses and for my career I have built systems and process so that technology can best service an organization.  Primarily in the world of banking, I have been working to help Online and Mobile customer better understand and use technology.  I have also worked to help improve and make these systems more secure and intuitive.

And it is a challenge that I love to tackle.  With so many changing and moving parts, there is something new everyday.

Mobile Minutes for SIS Bank

Mobile Minute on Waze

SIS Blog on Headsets from 2013

Blog on Debit Card fraud from 2012 – some info still applicable today!

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